The exhibition “WINE’s VERNISSAGE”


On 19th of December 2014, under the slogan “Christmas hobby” in the Palace of the Republic in the Moldavian capital of Chisinau, took place the seventh “Wine’s Vernissage”, in which our Company “VINIA TRAIAN” was directly involved.

The event organized by the National Vine and Wine Bureau, with the support of partners became a beautiful tradition, which offers wine lovers the opportunity to discover the Moldovan wines, as well as to become a bridge for dialogue between producers and consumers of wine. Wine producers represented at the event are consolidated under the brand “Wines of Moldova – a Living Legend”. Representatives of the Company “VINIA TRAIAN” offered the participants to taste more than 8 types of quality wine both ordinary and collectable.


When thirty-three years ago the winery was built on the left bank of the historic River Cahul in the village of Gavanoasa, then probably not everyone understood, how well the location was chosen.  As the matter of fact, not far from the Winery-only 4 km away- the Trajan Walls spread.  More info



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