The contest in Poland "Galicja Vitis 2017"


The year 2017 for Vinia Traian Wine Factory was a year when a lot of objectives had to be put in place which, in turn, had to be fulfilled with a great deal of effort.

Finally, I participated in the Polish competition "Galicja Vitis 2017"

We also received the long-awaited results, we were awarded the gold medal for Cabernet-Sauvignon wine. And for the two wine positions we have not got enough balls: Sauvignon -Riesling has accumulated 81 balls, Cabernet-Sauvignon has accumulated 77 balls. The work done, and the efforts made have yielded the fruit for the given contest.



When thirty-three years ago the winery was built on the left bank of the historic River Cahul in the village of Gavanoasa, then probably not everyone understood, how well the location was chosen.  As the matter of fact, not far from the Winery-only 4 km away- the Trajan Walls spread.  More info



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