Happy New Year 2018



New is the year that comes, we are our dreams, we are our desires, we are our spirits, we warmly congratulate all of you and we want your souls to vibrate in harmony and peace, your love will receive you in the warmth of your arms , and his luck will follow anywhere. May the spirit of the winter holidays penetrate into your home and soul and all your loved ones! Love, joy, wisdom and generosity will guide you in 2018. In the hope of a better year, we send you a health boar, a drop of confidence and happiness! For good times, gratitude, for the bad ones, much hope.  On the 28th of December in the factory "Vinia Traian" was organized a real celebration of the "B.P Hasdeu" Theater for the little children.

With deep respect, the "Vinia Traian"


When thirty-three years ago the winery was built on the left bank of the historic River Cahul in the village of Gavanoasa, then probably not everyone understood, how well the location was chosen.  As the matter of fact, not far from the Winery-only 4 km away- the Trajan Walls spread.  More info



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