October 29, 2017 "National Wine Day"


On October 29, 2017, the Cahul Rayon Council organized the National Wine Day. Thus, despite the cold weather, the participants came to the feast with good will, each presenting its craftsmanship and art in gastronomy, singing, dancing and preparing Bahus's lichens, obviously. After the official inauguration of the National Wine Day, those attending the feast visited the traditional exhibitions and articles. Simultaneously with the admirers' visits, the artistic collections in the rayon localities evolved. Guests in Romania have also presented their wishes and artistic program.

The best local producers were awarded and awarded with diplomas and gifts. SA Vinia Traian was awarded the 1st prize (Muscat wines, Merlot wines) and 2nd place (Cagor wine).Winemakers have had the opportunity to present the wide range of its wines, from liquorice.


When thirty-three years ago the winery was built on the left bank of the historic River Cahul in the village of Gavanoasa, then probably not everyone understood, how well the location was chosen.  As the matter of fact, not far from the Winery-only 4 km away- the Trajan Walls spread.  More info



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