Wine distillate


In 2002, a distiller of Charente type begun to operate. It allows producing during the season more liters of wine distillate with volume from 64% to 72.0% of ethanol fraction that obtained by twofold fractional distillation of wine materials of the grape “Vitis vinifera” type.

In the autumn, on the morrow of alcoholic fermentation, white wine goes to distillation to obtain alcohol. In the wintertime, the distiller is running day and night shifts. The deadline for the distillation of white wines, is 31 March after the harvest.

The basic units of Charente alembic distiller: spherical air-cooled reflux condenser, heater, refrigerator, alcohol test glass, distillate collector. The distiller: is also equipped with water-cooled refluxing plates (plates of Pistorius), which allows you to develop a wine distillate (62-70% vol.) directly from wine.


When thirty-three years ago the winery was built on the left bank of the historic River Cahul in the village of Gavanoasa, then probably not everyone understood, how well the location was chosen.  As the matter of fact, not far from the Winery-only 4 km away- the Trajan Walls spread.  More info



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