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2000 years ago, the ancient Romans grew grapes here...
We are simply continuing the tradition.

About the company

Company M.I. VINIA TRAIAN SA was founded in 1975 and is one of the largest wine producers in the region with the protected geographical indication “Valul lui Traian” - the southernmost wine-growing region of Moldova, historically located between the two valleys of the Traian River.
We have our own vineyards and produce excellent quality wines. In some vineyards we use drip irrigation.
The capacity of our equipment is 10 million bottles of wine per year.
The world leader in the field of independent examination, control, testing and certification - the Swiss company SGS - has been examining and certifying our activities in accordance with ISO HACCP 22000 since 2007, issuing us with a certificate MD 19/90060, updated every three years.

Vinia Traian is a successful combination of tradition and experience with new technologies and modern equipment.

We produce more than 50 types of wines from 15 grape varieties:
— From white to red, including rose.
— From dry to liqueur, including demystified and semi-sweet wines.
— From young to mature, including fine wines.
— From varietal to blended wines.
French and Canadian oak barrels are used for aging.
Vinia Traian owns a wine cellar, which is replenished annually.

We have experience in exporting wines to all countries of the world!


Countries around the world appreciate our drinks


Hectares of fertile land are planted with vineyards and other crops


Millions of liters of products were produced throughout its existence


International awards have been won throughout its existence

About the region

The plant is located at the junction of the borders of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania, near the Vulcanesti railway station (13 km), the ports of Galati (40 km) and Reni (35 km), which determines its favorable geographical location. It has an excellent raw material zone located on the slopes of the Budzhak steppe and on the slopes of the Cahul grape and wine region.
The raw material zone is 2000 hectares of vineyards within a radius of 30 km. The varietal composition of the vineyards is as follows: Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Franc - 35%, Sauvignon, Chardonnay - 30%, Aligote, Muscat, and Rkatsiteli, etc. - 35%. VINIA TRAIAN JSC produces a wide range of dry and fortified wine materials - more than 17 types of wine materials. Every year, of the total amount of grapes processed, almost 80% are champagne and dry table wine materials. Dry table wines made from red grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi are especially popular.


We treat wine as an art that glorifies the expanses of the Budjak steppe and that is why we invest in its production not only the traditions of our ancestors and the achievements of modern technologies, but also our soul.

Our philosophy

Grape wine deserves to be not just a drink, but a Phenomenon in a person’s life. This phenomenon was treated differently in different nations. In a number of cult systems, Wine was associated with youth and eternal life, with the divine intoxication of the soul. Sung by Greek and Persian poets. In their opinion, Wine provides a person with a chance for a brief moment to be in a state of being, usually inherent in the gods. In the sacrament of the Eucharist, the believer, eating bread and Wine, partakes of the body and blood of Christ (“And taking the cup and giving thanks, he gave it to them and said: drink from it, all of you; for this is My Blood...”, Matt. 26, 27-28) .
Producers compare their wine with whoever: with art, music, the characters of people, men and women, the state of the soul, and for some it’s even the meaning of their whole life.
True understanding of wine also comes with the context in which it was made, an understanding of the culture of the area where it was born. You may not remember the name of the wine, but if you remember with whom you drank it, then you will never forget the taste of that wine.


“Our company is one of the largest wine producers in Moldova, with a favorable location and its own infrastructure for production and shipping. We have an extensive raw material area with vineyards and produce a wide range of wines, including dry and dessert wines. Quality and professionalism are our main priorities.”
The wines of the VINIA TRAIAN company are distinguished by their stable quality, therefore, to taste natural, true wine, it is enough to visit the Cahul grape and wine region, located in the south of the Republic of Moldova. This region is the cradle of noble, famous wines made according to centuries-old traditions, using classical or special technologies. By inviting us to cooperate, we guarantee professionalism, integrity and quality - the three main priorities of the company.

— Simion Kristev

General Director of the company "Vinia Traian".